A big issue with Lite6

Hello, ordered Lite6 and it arrived.
Originally it worked, but now it became weird. In any position it started to ignore set_position (from python SDK or even X,Y,Z, control from uFactory Studio) with Error Code 24 no matter what speed I set. It could be not for each command literally yesterday, now it’s always C24.

In set_joint mode it moves, but I get code errors 31 all the time in usual positions, without any load or anything.

What could you recommend to check? Now it’s just not working without visible reasons. I didn’t see anything similar with XArm6 arms we had.

Hi Vasily,

Please provide the SN of Lite6 to minna.zhong@ufactory.cc.
What is the firmware and UFactory Studio version?

C24 means the calculated joint speed is out of limit, and there maybe a singularity in your path. C31 may be due to the weight set in TCP payload is different from the actual weight.

Please provide the step to reproduce C24 error.
And take a screenshot of ‘Settings-TCP-tcp payload’.

Best regards,