Big fan here - You guys should come to the Annual Automate Show in Chicago!

Hey UF, big fan here! I have an Xarm6 and Xarm5. Daniel Wang did an awesome job helping me fix a bug to get my Robotiq gripper working again in your latest software update ((Thread Here)

Anyhow, I’m not sure if you guys know about it but it’s pretty much the biggest robotics/automation tradeshow in the US that they hold every year… this year it is in Chicago. it’s huge and I think you could find a good lot of great opportunities there here’s the link to the tradeshow homepage

Here’s a link to the floor plan she can get an idea of what companies are attending Exhibitor Floor Plan - Automate 2024

This will be my third year attending this tradeshow, if you do wind up sending any employees over to check it out feel free to shoot me a direct message here and I will take you out for dinner! :slight_smile:

It’s probably too late to get a booth, but you might just want to send somebody to check it out. It’s free to attend the exhibit hall. They have lots of smaller booths on the outer edges.

Thanks again for good building great machines and for the awesome support in my thread mentioned above!