C19 error occuring after firmware update

I have used the instructions given in the forum to get rid of the C28 error that was occuring continuously. After, the firmware update and reboot, the robot is displaying C19 error sometimes.
How can I resolve this issue. There is no reason for the C19 error to occur.

Let me know


Hello, Have you updated the firmware and software to version 1.5.0?

Yes, I was getting the Controller Error Code: C28.
So as per the article I updated the firmware to latest version which is > 1.5.1
After reboot the error went away.
However after some time C19 error started appearing intermittently.
I have had to reboot multiple times to make the error go away.

Before today the error has not occured.

Hello, please open the xArm Studio, Enter the settings—system——system info, then please take a photo of the interface to me.thanks.
Please make sure the studio version is the latest.