Calculating inverse kinematics of a position


We have a xArm 6 we are trying to write an application on.
As part of the application writting, we need to calculate the inverse kinematics of various positions for motion planning.

Trying to use the inverse kinematics of various positions, we found out that the inverse kinematics API returns only a step in the direction from the current position to the required destination, and not the required joints angle in the expected position…

Is there a way to calculate inverse kinematics directly? Or maybe you could publish the forward kinematics equations directly, and allow the community to develop a solver for inverse kinematics?

Thanks in advance

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Since the robot arm does not have an analytical solution, our IK function interface cannot solve the target point that is too far away from the current position, and the iterative algorithm is easy to not converge. When we do path planning, we divide the trajectory discretely and then calculate it. If you want to write IK yourself, you can check the DH parameters(xArm_model_parameters.pdf - Google ドライブ).


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