Can we switch controllers from one robot to another?

We have xArm 6 and xArm 7 robots. Are all the controller boxes the same?
Can we switch the controller boxes from one robot arm to another if we have to?

When a robot arm has problems, we would like to just replace it and use the same controller. Is this possible?

  • Andre Sant’Anna
    Director, R&D
    Applied Anodize, Inc.

Hi Anna,

The controllers can be switched, but some configs need to be reloaded as well.
If you switch controllers to arms with the same number of axes, please refer to the links below.

If you switch controllers to arms with different axes, you need to reflash the firmware.

  1. Download xarm-tool-gui and the latest offline package in the below link.
  2. Launch it, enter IP and click ‘connect’, choose ‘xarm5-type5’, (choose xarm6-type6 for xarm6), and offline install the firmware again.
  3. Reboot the control box, wait 2-3 minutes, press-down the E-stop button and release to reload the friction parameter.
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Best regards,

Thanks for the info!