Communication between an end-effector and a PC

Hi team!
I would like to try to communicate with an end-effector from a PC.
According to the latest manual, pin 5 and 6 of the end-effector are a port for RS485 on an avionic socket 12-pin (I guess either is User 485-B, but anyway).
Does RS485 interface of the (AC) control box which is described on, connected to the port of the end-effector?

You’d use the TCP port to communicate with the xArm controller not the 485 port.
There is example of how to communicate with other device( for example a robotiq gripper), please check here:xArm-Python-SDK/ at master · xArm-Developer/xArm-Python-SDK · GitHub
And for more details you’d read the communication protocol part of the user manual.


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