Difference between set_position and set_tool_position

Hello all,

I am using Xarm6 lite andI have installed Python SDK and now I am testing all the examples given in that SDK. I got some doubt that, what is the difference beween set_position and the set_tool_position. when i test this code
arm.set_tool_position(x=100, y=0, z=0, roll=0, pitch=0, yaw=0, speed=100, wait=True)
print(arm.get_position(), arm.get_position(is_radian=True)), It hs given me the different values like this than the set tool position. I wanted to know the differenc
(0, [187.0, -0.0, 154.199997, 180.00002, -0.0, -0.0]) (0, [187.0, -0.0, 154.199997, 3.141593, -0.0, -0.0]).
Could anyone please explain me how does it works.


Hi Hemanth,

Please refer to Function for get_tool_position