Examples of pen / laser / milling with XArm?

I’ve got an xArm on the way and I’m interested in to experiment with pen plotting, but also with using the xArm as a laser cutter, 2D mill, etc. I don’t expect it to compete with dedicated hardware for these tasks, but since I’ll have it, I’d love to give it a try.

Can anyone recommend resources or examples? I have Fusion 360 and can generate tool paths, but maybe there are easier ways to generate path instructions?

For something like a laser, I’d of course integrate my own on/off control through the digital outputs on the xArm controller.

Thanks in advance for any pointers!

Don’t know how to help you become interested in using XARM As a plotter as well. When you figure this out please share :slight_smile:

We are developing Gcodes support for xArm robots, do you think Gcode will make things easier?
Here is the docs of Gcode: https://docs.ufactory.cc/gcode/

Yes, I think Gcode could likely be a pathway to achieving much of this.