Firmware problem!

When trying to update the firmware using the firmware helper, it says your version is 0.0.0 want to download the newest version 0.0.0???

I’m like WTF…
any help?¿

Hi Sebastian,

Please try out our new software by clicking the link below.
The installation pack includes the newest firmware which fixes many problems that the previous firmware has.

Since the firmware is still under beta testing, it is not on our official website.
Sorry for the trouble.


the UCS installation pack includes the latest uClient V2.0 (the uClient you downloaded from our website is not compatible with the new firmware in the pack).

(If you are a programmer) The latest Python library “pyuarm” is also compatible with the new firmware in the pack.

Hello again, I’ve tested the link you gave me, it seems the firmware uploaded correctly.
BUT, when I use the uClient V2.0, it doesnt move correctly(it moves only on axis z). I think I messed up the calibration yesterday, when I was trying to make it work with arduino(I loaded the calibration.ino from the uArm library version 1.6.12, the one you get by searching the library on the arduino IDE).
Is there anyway to recalibrate it in a good way?

I wont touch the uArm, dont want to brake it, I wait for your answer!

Thank You for your time.


Please use the Arduino library here:

Since the new firmware is not on official website now, we haven’t publish the new library yet.
This library is compatible with the new firmware.

On that link, it says i have to recalibrate, how i do that? it says to use a calibration tool on the steps to follow… any clue?

Our engineering is re-writing a calibration guide according to the new firmware.
Will let you know ASAP.

Sorry for the trouble!

Really thank you for your fast reply. I’m in a real hurry. It’s nice to know someone cares about us! :slight_smile:
Do you think the new guide will be able next week?

Again really thank you for your reply!

Kind regards,


Sure, it’ll be ready next week. Because the new software will be officially released next week. :wink:

:thumbsup: I appreciate the info!
Thank you!

Is it ok this guide? for the lastest firmware?



This is the outdated guide.
The new guide will be out soon.

Thanks for your patience.