Gripper problem and getting coordinates way

I’m using xArm6 robot with UFACTORY xArm Gripper.
I have two questions.

  1. I had a serious problem with the gripper.
    the black part of the gripper is easily swayed.
    I wonder if the product is originally made like this or if it is defective.
    If you do not understand it what the problem exactly is, I can send a video file.

  2. I put an object near my fixed xarm6. Whenever I want to get the object’s position, I
    manually site the gripper and precisely adjust coordinates with python.
    This is very cumbersome. Could you instruct me on proper and representative ways to get coordinates?
    I would like to know various ways.

Thank you.

Hi Kwon,

1.Please provide the SN of the gripper and share a video to, thank you.
2.You can enable ‘Settings-Advanced-Assistive Features-Quick Copy’ option, and copy the coordinates quickly.