How to handle S15 error

Hi, I’m using xArm 6 and I have a serious problem.
The robot lose its strength and fell down. When I read log, there are two errors, C13 and S15.
It seems like there is a overheat problem on motor 3, but we didn’t use the robot for about a month. It looks like a robot position problem, because we left robot with high joint 3 angle. Is it possible that robot can be overheated when it does not move? If it is true, is there any position that robot does not get overheat?
I uploaded log screenshot. Thx
화면 캡처 2023-02-27 103703

Hi Hyun,

You left robot with high joint3 angle, this is going to cause overheating as J3 torque is large.
We always advise customers to disable the robot/motor by pressing down the E-stop button when the robot is not in use, what do you think?

Best regards,

Oh thanks for reply.
I’ll use E-stop button when we don’t use robot.