How to repair xarm's carbon frame

I’m a newbie to xarm and I’ve been using it for a month now.

Due to collision damage, the paint on my xarm is peeling off and scratching the carbon (I didn’t know the collision detection mode is off by default), could you please tell me how to deal with this?

Thanks in advance.

Could you post some images for us to do a roughly damage assessment?

Hi, Daniel,

Thank you for your response.
I’m attaching photos.

By checking the images, it’s the paint instead of the carbon fiber get damaged, it will NOT affect the performance of the robot, no worries.
And I do not recommend you to send the robot to us to get repair, it’s not a good idea to spend you at least 1000 USD(include shipment/tariff/materials and repair cost) to send the robot to us to fix the paint, maybe you can fix the paint by yourself if you do think the damaged paint affect the appearance of the robot.
And some suggestions for you to avoide collision:
(1) Update the firmware/xArm Studio to V1.6.1, the robot will turn on the “self-collision detection” automatically.
(2) Set the “Collision Sensitivity” to Level 3 or higher, be sure you did set right TCP payload before you operating your xArm robot.
(3) Using the “Simulation Robot”(API: arm.set_simulation_robot()) to simulate your project before executing it on the real robot.
(4) It’s better to read the “xArm User Manual”, maybe you could find some useful instructions to avoid mis-operation.
Let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you for your answer and advice.
I was relieved to hear that the damage was not too severe.

I would like to repair it myself as the paint peels off from the damaged area.
What are some things to keep in mind when painting?
(Are there any paints that should not be used?)

Actually we are not quite clear about which paints should not be used, all the paiting works are done by the suppliers.
I did try to fix the paint of an internal use robot but unfortunately made it’s more ugly as the smooth surface became bumpy surface after paint fixed.
Maybe you could try to use some stickers to cover it?