How to speed up xarm when using blockly?

It seems that xarm is a bit slow when using blockly. Adjusting all speed parameters in blockly to max, it’s still very slow compared to i.e. recording. Can anyone help me out to speed up the xarm in blockly?

Sure, could you download the blockly and send to us to test or send us the screen shoot of the blockly? BTW, a video of how the xArm moves when run the blockly script will be helpful too.

Hi Daniel, thanks! Find my blockly code below. The thing is, when i do some freestyle motion in recording and playback at 4x speed it seems that the xarm is way faster in recording mode than in blockly.


It seems the codes is OK, could you show me the video of the robot runing?

Please find video here:

It seems that the real speed meets it’s parameter, if you need move it faster, you can upgrade the firmware to V1.4.1 and xArm studio to V1.4.0 and adjust the parameter “joint jerk” to the maximum value on “settings-advance settings-advance parameters”. Please do not adjust the jerk parameter to the maximum at once, you’d ajust it higher each time and then run the Blockly to see the result.


Thanks Daniel, you are the greatest! Wish you a great Chinese new year!

Haha, thanks and please let us know if you have any questions.