J6 at -18851 degrees. Cannot set to zero position

Our xArm 7 mysteriously set itself to a large negative J6 angle which makes it impossible to Zero position as correction involves collision w the rest of the arm. Therefore, cannot do anything w the xArm until it is zeroed prorperly. Anyone encountered this before?

We will replace the xarm 7 for you just as we promised on the video call last time.
Please copy this link and send to daniel@ufactory.cc with the SN and your receiving info(name/phone/address), we will send you a new set of robot once we back to office on Feb10th(we put off the back to office time from Feb 3th to Feb 10th due to the nCon virus in China, pleae don’t worry for the virus since fully clean the robot with alcohol is a standard process before ship out), and we will guide you how to ship back the damaged robot after you receive the new robot.
We will cover all the cost for the RMA.
Please don’t post your receiving information or personal information here.
We apologize for the bad experience.
Thanks for your understanding.