[Official] FAQ for uArm Swift (Pro) - updating

1. As a beginner, what should I do when I first get my uArm?
Here are resources for beginners:
Video Tutorials (updating)
Download Software & User Manual

2. What should I do if uArm Studio failed to connect with uArm Swift (Pro)?

Please download or update to uArm Studio (1.1.13) or later.
It’s now available on our website. If you didn’t see it, please clear the history of your browser or try again later.

  1. Click the question mark beside “Disconnected”

  2. Troubleshoot with a click and see the suggestions

  3. If the suggestions don’t help, report your problem via Feedback Form with log files.

  • Log files help us locate problems quickly. You will be instructed to find the location of log files when you choose “Software Problems” → “uArm Studio”

    3. What is “firmware”? How to update firmware?
  1. Firmware is the “brain” of uArm, which enables uArm to understand your requests when you try to control it via software or codes.
    In order to fix bugs or add new features, we’ll update firmware from time to time. We suggest all users to keep the firmware updated.

  2. Please enter “Setting” or "Check for Updates’ to see the latest firmware version, release notes, and update firmware.

4. What should I do if firmware flashing is failed halfway, or I flashed the wrong firmware?

Here are the steps to flash firmware manually:

  1. Download “FlashTool” (Flashtool is a simple tool made by the uArm Team for flashing firmware manually) and Firmware .hex file (currently for Pro only)

  2. Connect uArm Swift (Pro) with computer via USB.
    Please don’t use uArm Studio while using FlashTool, or the port will be occupied.

  3. Open FlashTool, and then drag the .hex file into the FlashTool window. Done!
    Now you can open uArm Studio to check if the firmware is the latest.

    5. What should I do if uArm seems to have a calibration problem/moves abnormally/skips steps?

  4. Please check the wire connection (which may loose during shipping).

  5. Let uArm go to these points via Blockly and send us a video.
    So we can judge if there’s a hardware problem.

  6. Re-calibrate manually (only available for Pro).
    But we don’t recommend frequent calibrations.
    Guide for re-calibration

    6. As a developer, where can I find all the resources?

  • Communication Protocol: please refer to the “For developers” part of Quick Start Guide:

  • UFACTORY-Developer Github Page: UFACTORY · GitHub
    – SwiftProForArduino: uArm Swift Pro Arduino Library
    – SwiftForArduino: uArm Swift Arduino Library
    – SwiftProForROS: uArm Swift Pro ROS Library
    – pyuf: uArm Swift Pro Python Library
    – OpenMV examples: OpenMV example for uArm Swift Pro

Except the libraries above, other libraries are for uArm Metal ONLY, please don’t apply it to Swift (Pro), in case of flashing the wrong firmware or causing damages to uArm.

7. How to order extra kit?
For those who want to order extra kits, please write to info@ufactory.cc

uArm User Facebook Group
Contact Us:
English Channel

Guys, I can’t update my firmware any more.
I’m on MacOS 10.12.6 (updated today). I have the gut feeling, the Sierra update could be the cause of this.

Last update was to 3.1.9. When I try to update the firmware to 3.1.16 with the Studio beta (1.1.13-c2), I get the window with ‘Flashing new firmware to uArm. Please wait…’. Then a popup appears for a second: ‘USB plug out.’
The bar in the ‘Flashing new firmware’ dialog never moves past 0%. After a while I get a ‘Firmware update complete’ dialog but when I restart the arm, it’s at the same firmware version as before (3.1.9).

When I try the FirmwareFlashTool 1.2.3 with the 3.1.16 firmware hex file. I get a dialog ‘Flash to port: /dev/cu.usbmodem14111.’
On confirming, the circle doesn’t move, it hangs at 0% and then gives me a ‘Timeout. Please make sure port is free.’ after a while.

Please advise.


Actually, I have the exact same problem with my 2nd uArm on MacOS 10.12.5 at home, on a different MacBookPro.
Same version of Studio/FirmwareFlashTool as mentioned before. Firmware update is broken.


Hi @virtualritz
Please try the OFFICIAL uArm Studio-v1.1.13p2 downloadable on our website.
We published it yesterday and fixed this firmware flashing issue.
Please let me know if it works, thanks.

Hi. This worked for me.

But now, every time I open uArmStudio, a message appears saying that uArmVision has closed enexpectedly.

Hi @dam

This is because the “face recognition” feature in Blockly is not compatible with your OS.
But it doesn’t affect other features of uArm Studio.
Just click “ignore” and continue.

Thanks. Sorry for the trouble.