【Official】How to use xArm Python SDK---For Python beginners

  1. Download a Pycharm community version here: Download PyCharm: Python IDE for Professional Developers by JetBrains

  2. Install the Pycharm.

  3. Download xArm Python SDK here: GitHub - xArm-Developer/xArm-Python-SDK

  4. Extract the “xArm-Python-SDK-master.zip”.

  5. Run Pycharm, click “File”-“Open”

6.Choose the “xArm-Python-SDK-master” and click “OK”.

  1. Expand the folder and find the “robot.conf”, and change the IP to your xArm Controller IP address.

  2. Run a example in the Python SDK.( Note: please make sure that xArm robot is placed and connected well and is ready to move before you run the example)