【Official】xArm FAQ 2

1.What’s the working range of the xArm?
700mm, for more details please check the xArm User Manual on this page:https://www.ufactory.cc/#/en/support/download/xarm

2.What is the expected nominal lifetime of xArm in hours?
8000h under rated payload.

3.Is there an accuracy and reliability test?
Yes, each joints would be tested before assembling, and we test the assembled arms before shipping.

4.Is it open source?
We provide the Python/C++ SDK and ROS. Check it here:UFACTORY · GitHub

5. Where can I get the 3D files/ use manuals or other resources of the robot?
Please download it here: https://www.ufactory.cc/#/en/support/download/xarm

6. Is the xArm waterproof?
No, neither the xArm robot nor the xArm Controller is waterproof. The IP class of the xArm robot is IP54.

7. Is there feedback that can correct the position offset, real-time position controller or corrector?
Each joint of xArm equipped with 16bit multi-turn absolute encoders.

8.What software do you bundle?
xArm comes with xArm Studio which is include a graphical programming tool, please download it here: https://www.ufactory.cc/#/en/support/download/xarm

9.Does it have force sensing ?
Force sensing by current detection.

10.How many I/O ports are provided?
On the tool of xArm : 2 digital input, 2 digital output; 1 analog input, 1 analog out put.
On the controller of xArm: 8 digital input, 8 digital output; 2 analog input, 2 analog output; 2 Emergency Stop Input; 2 Safeguard Input.
For more details, please check the “xArm User Manual” on this page: https://www.ufactory.cc/#/en/support/download/xarm

11.How many movements can be recorded? Can recorded movements be played in different orders in Blockly?
We do not limit the quantity of the movements could be recorded, it should be more than 1 millian movements. You can recorded movements and play in different orders in Blockly.

12.Is there a way to convert blockly code to python or python code to blockly?
xArm Studo has a function to convert Blockly code to Python code.

13.If the Emergency Button is pressed and then powered on, will the program continue to run next to the previous program?
No. After the Emergency Button pressed, the controller’s caches will be cleared, the program will not continue to run automatically next time you power on the robot.

14Does xArm support Anaconda?
Yes, you need to install xArm Python SDK:UFACTORY · GitHub

15.Is there a COBIT certification ISO 10218-1?
xArm’s COBIT certification ISO 10218-1 is under certification.

16.If we would like to purchase 5-10units are you able to provide onsite training?
We can provide online training,You need to come to our company for offline training.