Is there any best practice for connecting OSSD security devices?

I just realized, when the SICK SAFE VISIONARY T is connected via OSSD, and in clear mode, it is set to HIGH
unfortunately the u850 reacts in opposite, and stops when clear but moves when should stop.
shouldn the SI1-2 stop when LOW instead of HIGH?

aswell, when in MOVE the reduced mode does not reset and stays on. you have to stop and continue movement after a REDUCED mode is triggered via GPIO

and blocky does react to CI STOP MOVEMENT but not to CI reduced mode

thank you

Hi Sir,

SI1-2 pauses the motion when High(disconnect SI1-2 from GND) instead of LOW.

The reduced mode applies only to the next command, not the running command.
How did you do the test? What is your application?

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Thank You,
we need to have a warning field wich reduces the bots speed signficantly IMMEDIATELY upon proximity and when entering the safety zone STOPS. stop is clear and working, but warning not. it must apply with the running command and then restore after warning field is restored.

Hi Oreste,

As I mentioned, the reduced mode can only take effect for the next command and is not valid for the running command.
If you want, you may need to develop it yourself, we provide online trajectory planning mode(mode6/mode7), which will interrupt running command and runs the new ones directly, for your reference:

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