Problem with gripper and blockly / xArm 6 lite

Tried the xArm 6 lite for the first time today. Everything works fine with blockly, except the gripper. He closes perfectly, but nothing happens when the command to open it appears. See video…In manual mode, closing and opening works perfectly. Bug in blockly? Is there a workaround? Any idea or hint? :bulb::thinking:

Hi Jroe,

We fixed a similar gripper issue, it is a bug in Blockly.
Please update the firmware and UFactoryStudio to the latest V1.12.2 version, if there are still problems please provide the Blockly project, thank you.

For the method of updating please refer to the user manual Appendix 3.

Best regards,

Hi Minna,

many thanks for your quick reply. The utoupdate functionality doesnt find version V1.12.2. See picture below.

Short information: The update to 1.12.2 solved this problem.
Many thanks!