Questions after received XArm

I have a few question after test the xArm6
1.Is it possible to make own controller eg. X-box joystick and connect API to XArm studio which can control same as Live control [±x , ±y, ±z, ±Yaw, ±Pitch, ±Roll] on Joystick

2.I’ve tried some position of the arm then click Zero position, I heard some crack!! and it gave error message. I though click zero position they will adjust them-self, so even zero position move I must look at the path the robot goes right?
Btw robot still works fine after that

3.If i move quick 1m/s It move smoothly at first after that when the tip far away from the base it stared to move more and more roughly, how to fix this

  1. Can Xarm Works Standalone?

(2) Yes, you have to look at the path for safety.
(3) That can not be fixed, we do not recommend to move the TCP to the edge of the working area.
(4) Yes, you could use I/O offline task function.

BTW, please read the the xAr user manual and the xArm Studio user manual before you operate it, that’s quite important.


Thanks for reply. Do you have instruction or guidance how to control XArm via joystick

Hi, we recommend to use the Python SDK(API). There is a function named move_arc_line, you may try this.

And what about joystick interface? Is it connected to the eight digital imputs CI0-CI7?

IO has a delay around or more than100ms per command, for live control, IO is not a recommend way considerate the latency. A posible way I think is send commands to xArm controller through the TCP port, and use the Python SDK. If you are familiar with the low level development, you can try to use the modbus-tcp protocol directly.

That is interesting. Where can I get specification for modbus-tcp protocol xArm messages?
It’s in this manual, protocol part.

Oh, it is in the manual! Who could ever imagine that :rofl:
Thank you very much!

Ahahahaha, we noted that, we are writting a separate developer manual, it contains more details and more reader friendly. You can be the first beta version reader if you like, I can share the doc to you by Google driver:rofl:.

That will be much appreciated. What SW could you recommend for testing modbus communication? Tried modbustools, but no luck even at establishing a connection with xArm…

Can you share new xArm developer manual beta version with me also ?

we are writting it,expect to send you next week.

We have sent the xArm developer manual to Google. If you have any doubts while reading the documentation, you can comment, thank you.

There is a Python example regarding to communication with a Robotiq Gripper by 485, it allows you to communicate with the 485 of the tool IO through the TCP port of the controller, here is the link:xArm-Python-SDK/ at master · xArm-Developer/xArm-Python-SDK · GitHub

Hi, did you get any further with your problem, to use a joystick or gamepad to controll the xarm via python?

Hi, did you get any further with your problem, to use a joystick or gamepad to controll the xarm via python? regards mandi

Yes, we developed “servo_cartesian” API for that kind of use, check it here: xArm-Python-SDK/ at master · xArm-Developer/xArm-Python-SDK · GitHub

thanks Daniel, this helped a lot, mandi

Hi Mandi,
You are welcome, let us know if you have any questions.