Raspberry Pi (ARM) Support for uArmStudio and CuraForuArm

Hello all,

I noticed that the Linux packages for uArmStudio and CuraForuArm are only available for Linux x86 platforms. Would it be possible to get them compiled for ARM systems, like the Raspberry Pi?

After searching on the forum, I found that this was requested some time ago but ultimately ignored: uArmStudio not working on Linux

Another suggestion: Are there any plans to open-source uArmStudio and CuraForuArm so we could compile them ourselves?

Kind regards,

Hi David,
We do not have plan to get uArm Studio compiled on ARM system such as Respberry PI due to the device is not power full enough to get good experience while using the uArm Studio. And currently we do not open source the uArm Studio.
We do provide C/Python/ROS source on git for developers:UFACTORY ยท GitHub

Thanks for your reply, Daniel - I will check out the Python GitHub repository then!

You are welcome, feel free to contact us.