Selfmade end-effector

Hello, all. I just want to ask, is there anyone had ever made their own gripper and connect them to the avionic socket 12-pin female industrial connector??
If so, would you mind sharing the info?

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We did connect the Robotiq gripper 2F-85, check it here:

Please give us more information on the socket of the tool/end connector, such as model number. We need to find the specific plug that fit into the socket to build our end-effector.

Hello,you can refer to the page 34-35 of the user manual.

Thank you, but pp.34-35 seem to provide the info only about its shape and pin assignment of the socket. Can you name some specific examples of the plugs that are right for the socket and available in the market?

Hello,Do you need an end connection cable? Our company also sells the end connection cable, you can contact our sales colleague by email: You can refer to the following drawing.

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We will order them. Thank you.

you are welcome.