Strange behaviour jerk settings in python

If I change the jerk parameters it won’t work, only in advanced parameters in studio software?
This is my source when I start my program (robot is connected)


                printf("Protocol| Cobot communication version ",Global.arm.version)
                printf("Protocol| Clean warnings ",Global.arm.clean_warn())
                printf("Protocol| Clean errors ",Global.arm.clean_error())
                #printf("Protocol| Reset errors ",Global.arm.reset(wait=True))

                printf("Protocol| Motion enable ",Global.arm.motion_enable(False))
                # set jerk
                printf("Protocol| tcp jerk ",Global.arm.set_tcp_jerk (1000))
                printf("Protocol| joint jerk ",Global.arm.set_joint_jerk (500, is_radian = True))
                printf("Protocol| save configuration ",Global.arm.save_conf())

                printf("Protocol| Motion disable ",Global.arm.motion_enable(True))
                printf("Protocol| Set mode ",Global.arm.set_mode(0))
                printf("Protocol| State enable ",Global.arm.set_state(0))
                printf("Protocol| IO state ",Global.arm.get_cgpio_state())
                # set payload
                rstatus = Global.arm._arm.set_tcp_load(payload,[0,0,0])
                printf("Protocol| payload ",payload, " status:",rstatus)

                # set collision  
                rstatus = Global.arm._arm.set_collision_sensitivity(collision)  
                printf("Protocol| sensitivity collision ",collision, " status:",rstatus)


any help please

Works well on my end, firmware version=v1.6.1

import os
import sys
import time
sys.path.append(os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), '../../..'))
from xarm.wrapper import XArmAPI
arm = XArmAPI('')

Thanks found the solution, the result in studio software is different then what you fill in the api commands.

Could you tell me the details about “ the result in studio software is different then what you fill in the api commands"? I did not find any difference when set the tcp/joint jerk on xArm Studio and by Python API.

Hi Daniel,
Yes what I mean the jerk parameters are settable with a slider but you show the resulting values in a calculated way. That was my confusion all the way.
Very stupid of me I didn’t noticed that so late.