Suction cup dont work

Hi, I got the suction cup.
However, when I turn on the control box, the power supply indicator on the suction cup does not light up.

I confirmed that 24V voltage is coming through the end effector adapter cable attached.

What should I do?
Please advice!

Hi,you can refer to the page 57 of the user manual:

Please note that the vacuum gripper should be installed after the xarm is powered off (press the emergency stop button on the control box).
If after installing according to the steps in the manual, if there is still a problem with the vacuum gripper, please give us a picture or video of the vacuum gripper.


Thanks for the advice.
I tried to follow the manual, but it didn’t work as well as before.
Here’s a picture of it when it’s turned on.

Please, is the communication of the robotic arm normal? Can it be connected to the robotic arm with xArm Studio?
Make sure that the robotic arm is powered on (turn up the emergency stop button on the control box.)

Thanks for the reply.
The xArm can be operated from xArm Studio, so I’m sure it’s communicating.

Hello, in order to better solve the problem, please take a video with the following content:

  1. The installation of the vacuum gripper
  2. Power on the xarm
  3. Enable the xarm
  4. Turn on the vacuum gripper switch in the xArm Studio (settings-tool settings-turn on the switch of xArm vacuum gripper)

Thanks for your reply.
I’ll show you the video I took from install to xarm studio connection.
Here is link.

Verification, please!

Hi,We are very sorry to hear about the unfortunate experience you have had with our product.
We recommend you send the vacuum gripper to us for repair. Please send the information below to email:
Please provide the information below:

  1. Contact information (include Name/Email/Phone Number)
  2. Physical Address
  3. SN (On the side of the vacuum gripper)