Swift Pro keep skipping gear around point A, laser engraving position cannot repeat (solved)

Got it yesterday, overall quality is impressive!

just one major problem. I have no idea is it my unit is faulty or it’s my mistake.

When the arm head is moving closer to the base around point A, the arm is obviously skipping gear a few times and therefore making the laser engraving image failed/distorted.

As far as I understand the arm should be capable of moving the arm back to the body no problem, the range A to C should be the optimal/accurate range instead of physical limit range?

It is not 100% repeatable and I dare not to keep trying it fear the damage, but it did repeat 2 times already in 30min run on multiple laser engraving session.

on a related note/problem, when I start the laser engraving session, and then repeat the exact same session withing touching anything, the laser engraving session can be misaligned for over 1CM. in both X and Y plane.

Firmware and software are the lastest on windows 10 64bit. Let me know if any more detail is needed, thanks!

Hi Maximillian,

The suggested area of laser engraving is between B and C.

And for the skipping gear problem, could you please:

  1. go to Blockly
  2. enter the following codes
  3. shoot a video and show it to us
    So we can figure out whether there’s a hardware problem going on.
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wow that’s fast to reply :slight_smile:
will let you know 9 hours later after work!

it move smoothly running this.

So does that mean I can’t move the head closer than the point A?

Yes you’re right :slight_smile:
We’ll improve the interface to state it clearly.

actually your printed paper is saying the zone is from A to C, may need to correct that if it’s B to C :slight_smile:

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