【Trouble Shooting】-How to analyse the "Report" of uArm Studio

What’s the use of the report of uArm Studio?
The uArm Studio report is helpful to figure out the states of the uArm Studio and the uArm robot, especially when the uArm Studio failed to connect to the uArm robot.
Do I need analyse the report?
No, you just need send the report to UFACTORY technical support team.
We create this post just incase you want analyse the issue by yourself.
Where can I get the report
As how to get the “Report”, please check this post: 【Trouble Shooting】-How to export "Report" from uArm Studio

(1) Open the “problem_report.json” file with Notebook of your PC or use other tools like Notepad++.
(2) You will see the content like below:

  "Studio": {
    "APP_NAME": "uArmStudio",
    "APP_VERSION": "1.1.22",
    "Channel": "prod",
    "CATEGORY": "software",
    "LANG": "en",
    "OS_INFO": "win32 x64 10.0.19041",
    "OS_TYPE": "win",
    "OS_ARCH": "x64",
    "MAIN_WINDOW_URL": "file://D:\\Software\\uArmStudio\\resources\\app.asar\\dist/index.html",
    "HOME_PAGE_URL": "http://ufactory.cc",
    "SOCIAL_URL": {
      "forum": "https://forum.ufactory.cc",
      "github": "https://github.com/uArm-Developer",
      "facebook": "https://www.facebook.com/groups/1653721141585397"
    "UPDATE_URL": "http://update.ufactory.cc/releases/updates.json",
    "FIRMWARE_DEFAULT_DIR_PATH": "D:\\Software\\uArmStudio\\resources\\studio\\firmwareDefault",
    "UARM_CORE_PATH": "D:\\Software\\uArmStudio\\resources\\studio\\uarmcore",
    "UARM_VISION_PAH": "D:\\Software\\uArmStudio\\resources\\studio\\uarmvision",
    "UARM_CORE_LISTEN_PORT": "18321",
    "UARM_CORE_VERSION": " 1.0.1",
    "STUDIO_DIR_PATH": "C:\\Users\\hp\\uarm\\studio",
    "HOME_DIR_PATH": "C:\\Users\\hp\\uarm",
    "STUDIO_CONFIG_PATH": "C:\\Users\\hp\\uarm\\studio\\config.json",
    "FIRMWARE_DIR_PATH": "C:\\Users\\hp\\uarm\\firmware",
    "AVRDUDE_DIR_PATH": "D:\\Software\\uArmStudio\\resources\\studio\\avrdude",
    "LOG_DIR_PATH": "C:\\Users\\hp\\uarm\\studio\\log",
    "DRIVER_DIR_PATH": "D:\\Software\\uArmStudio\\resources\\studio\\driver",
    "CURA_DIR_PATH": "C:\\Program Files\\CuraForuArm\\Cura.exe",
    "CACHE_DIR_PATH": "C:\\Users\\hp\\AppData\\Roaming\\uarmStudio",
    "API_HOST_URL": "http://studio.avosapps.us/",
    "cur_new_firmware_ver": "4.4.0"
  "UArm": {
    "portName": null,
    "firmwareVersion": null,
    "hardwareVersion": null,
    "productName": null,
    "productType": null,
    "portSerialNumber": null,
    "currentX": null,
    "currentY": null,
    "currentZ": null,
    "currentR": null
  "Problems": {
    "coreExisted": true,
    "coreRunning": true,
    "coreConnected": true,
    "uarmConnected": false,
    "driverInstalled": true,
    "uarmPortConnected": false,
    "other": ""
  "ports": []

For example, if we want know why my uArm Studio shows “Disconnected” on the home page, we always check the last few lines of the json file.

    "coreExisted": true,  // means the uarmcore is existed on your PC.
    "coreRunning": true, // means uarecore is running on your PC.
    "coreConnected": true, // means uarmcore dose connect to your uArm Studio softwre.
    "uarmConnected": false, //means there is no uArm robot connect to your PC.
    "driverInstalled": true, // means Arduino Mega 2560 driver is installed on your PC.
    "uarmPortConnected": false, // means your PC dose not find uArm robot on the COM port list.

With this lines above, we can figure out that:
(1) The uArm Studio software and the Arduino Mega 2560 driver are working well.
(2) The uArm robot may not connect to the PC, or the robot dose connect to the PC but fail to build communication with the PC due to some reason.