uARM printing round objects as flattened circles (calibration problem?)

uArm Serial No.: “UARM-05051704E2”
Firmware Version: 3.1.6
Operation System: Win(10)
uArm Controlling Method: uArm Studio 1.1.13-P2

I received my uArmPro and got things setup to print. Downloaded a chess piece and 3 hours later - done. However, the piece, which was perfectly round in the 3DPrinting software, has two problems:

  1. Slightly flattened - it is now oblong and not round
  2. Problems with the “Z” - the side closest to the arm is too low, and the side away from the arm is too high.

Here’s hoping this problem can be solved at the mathematical level inside the firmware, or somehow a calibration step can be included? This is a wonderful machine and I hope these problems can be fixed, so that I can bring it to my school!


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Hi @Michael50

There’s a calibration problem going on.
Please recalibrate as instructed in this FAQ.