White screen in my XarmStudio


Im using the Xarm 5 and mac OS.

I connect the controller to my router and then to my computer. After start the xArmStudio and search for my arm IP and select OK, the screeen go White.

Any idea why?

Please try to use your browser to access the xArm controller by visit 192.168.1.xxx:18333(Note:192.168.1.xxx is the IP address of your xArm controller)and let us know the result.

The same.

It seems that the xArm Studio dose not run, could you send me your Email to daniel.wang@ufactory.cc? I will send you a tool to flash the xArm Studio again. Thanks

i send you a email. Thanks for the help

You are welcome.

@Daniel Hey daniel, I’m encountering the same issue as mario. black white screen on xarm studio once connected, and black white screen when accessing port 18333 on the controller’s IP.

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Hi, please check this post: