xArm External tools INTEGRATION

       I´m considering buying the X arm 6 for palletizing tasks, but I need to mount the element to a multi axis linear motion system (currently I´m analyzing the EWELLIX alternative). The question is: Is the control system compatible with external tools or devices for integration to the control algorithm????. If you could provide a more detailed guide, I Will thank you very much.

The question is do you need syncronos movement or not. You can use the multi axis directly with ros if it has defined interface. And also add it to MoveIt

You can see it here set free_index for 7-dof robot's IKFast moveit plugin generation - ROS Answers: Open Source Q&A Forum

Well, complementing the scenario: I need synchronous movement. Do I need an additional hardware to carry out the integration???. By additional hardware I mean some sort of control box or card that connects both the ARM and the linear motion system?. Thank you very much for your support.

The qeuesten is what is the interface of the motors for you linear axis.

the you need an interface for that to the pc. You may use Ros MoviIt with a realy fast PC and some RT Patched Kernel. because the IKF is realy CPU time hungry and you have at least a 8DOF system. (6 robot and 2 XY Axis).