xArm - Server is not ready issue

I set up the xArm 6 axis. And few days it worked well. But suddenly I cannot connect to controller through ethernet anymore. Ping to controller IP does not work. Basically issue is same with “server is not ready” topic under xArm wiki page.
(I made sure subnet of pc/local network same with xArm IP.)
Is there any way to format the controller unit? Or how can I establish the ethernet connection again?

Ping to controller IP does not work means your PC may disconnected from the xArm Controller. What’s the status of the 2 LAN LED on the surface of the controller?
Normally it should be one solid red and another yellow one is blinking.
If the LAN LED is not normally, please check the “Controller” LED on the side of the controller besides the robot power cable, normally it will be solid red, if this LED is not on, it means the x86 system of the controller is not running, you can start it manually by press the black button besides the red LED.
If the trouble shooting above not work, please Email to daniel.wang@ufactory.cc, let’s schedule a video call to solve this.