End Effector IO connector to Ethernet converter

I would like to mount a Camera to the end effector of my xArm 6 axis.
My camera has a PoE (power over ethernet) feature. And I dont want my camera ethernet wiring outside of robot. I am looking for an option to send data internally by using 12 pins IO at end effector.
So is there a way to use 12 pins I/O socket in the end effector, to plug my ethernet and receive data from RS485 socket in controller or I/O terminal in controller ?
Basically my question is can I use 8 of 12 pins I/O in the end effector socket to plug my camera ethernet cable ?
I already went over the xArm manual in detail. But could not find an answer.

Thank you in advance.

The communication efficiency(rate) of the 485 is no good enough to transport the multiframe images or videos, we did noted that and will put a netcable inside the xArm in the next generation design. Currently what we commend is to hang the netcable along the out side of the robot.


You may use an an ethernet to wifi bridge an the end effector and you save you from outside cable trouble

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Good idea