[Official] uArm Metal - IMPORTANT Updates About Firmware, uClient & Calibration

Hi all,

These days, a transition from old uArm firmware to a better new firmware is going on.
Problems occurred when old and new firmware clashes.
We deeply apologise for the troubles caused and the delay of the official release of this new firmware as well as calibration tool.

If you are new to uArm and have no idea what “firmware” and “calibration” is, don’t worry. The following information will explain how to make your uArm move.

This post is about:

- Introducing uArm Assistant
- About Latest Firmware
- Roll Back to Previous Firmware
- Customer Service

##Introducing uArm Assistant
uArm Assistant is a MUST-have tool for EVERY uArm user.
Download from UFACTORY

(Sorry this is not a pretty interface but we think it’s more important to make things work first.)

It sets up the basic software environment required to control your uArm with your computer, including:

  • Automatic Driver Installation (for first-time users)
  • Firmware Upgrade (latest version: V2.2.1)
  • Re-Calibration
    (Please DON’t re-calibrate if not necessary.
    If you have to, uArm Assistant is the ONLY effective tool to do this.)


  • Each uArm bought after April 2016 was already calibrated, please DON’T re-calibrate if not necessary.

  • Frequent calibration may cause damage to uArm.

##Latest Firmware (V2.2.1)

For developers using the two libraries, please calibrate the uArm ONLY with uArm Assistant.

We’re updating new uArm-Arduino Library & uArm-Python Library.
Updates will be post here soon.

##Roll Back to Previous Firmware
uArm Assistant has been updated to V1.1 (released on 12 Dec. 2016)
This latest uArm Assistant allows you to roll back to previous firmware.

Click FileImport Firmware

Choose your .hex file

##Customer Service
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