Single Turn Encoder Error on xArm7 Robot

Robot Model: xArm7
S/N: XS130211211L07
After enabling the xArm7 robot using xArmStudio app, a persistent single turn encoder error occurs. The error cannot be cleared, the robot is inoperable.
Error Message:

Please let me know how to solve it.
Thank you for your prompt attention.

Hi Amanuel,

How long has it been since you used your arms? Please note that if the arm is not used for a long time(≥3 months), you need to power on the arm for 6 hours every 3 months to charge the built-in battery.

For S17 error, please update the firmware to the latest version V2.1.0, It will show an additional error code in this servo error page, please provide the error code to us, thank you.

You can refer to our user manual Appendix 4 to do the update, for your reference:
[Official] UFactory Studio update V2.0.0

Best regards,

Hi Minna,
Thanks for the info and advice. yes, the robot was not in use for a while(I don’t remember exactly how long but more than two months).
Now I’m away I’ll update suggested firmware and provide you the error code possibly by next week.

Thanks a lot!