Unclearable S18 error code on xArm5 and xArm7

I am currently attempting to use an xArm5 and an xArm7 that have been idle for some time, however both units produce S18 multi-turn encoder errors when attempting to use them through UFactory Studio.
Using the clear multi-turn error option in UFactory Studio and power cycling unfortunately does not remedy the situation, as the error will come back after starting back up.
Both xArms are updated to the latest v2.4.0 firmware and studio versions.

What would be the suggested course of action to clear these errors and get the robots in a functioning state again?

xArm5 error details: S18 Joint ID: [ 2 ] Status code:[ 134 ]
xArm7 error details: S18 Joint ID: [ 1, 3, 4, 6, 7 ] Status code:[ 6, 134, 134, 134, 6 ]

Hi Alflex,

Please note that you have to power on the arm for 6 hours every 3 months to charge the built-in battery, otherwise the encoder data will be lost. You need to reset the zero position of the arm, and the accuracy will be lost.

Please provide the SN of the xArm5 and xArm7 to support@ufactory.cc.
For S18 error, please enter ‘Settings-General-Debugging Tools’, click ‘clear Multi-turn Error’, and reboot the arm.

After rebooting, you may see S17 error, please take a screenshot of the error status code.

Best regards,

Hi @Minna,

As requested I have sent the serial numbers of the xArms to the support email address.
Unfortunately, as I’ve described in the original post, clearing the multi-turn error does not work.
I suspect the person managing these arms previously may not have powered them on periodically for charging.

Is there anything I need to know in particular before attemping to reset the zero position as described in, for instance, this thread? (xArm7 Joint position error)

Kind regards,

Tom van Dijk

Hi Tom,

Thanks, I received the SN.
Please charge the robot for 6 hours first.

You can refer to that topic to reset the zero position of the joint, the command is ‘D13 I*’, * stands for the joint ID. I already sent more details to you via email, if you need we can have a quick video meeting.

Best regards,